måndag 17 juni 2013

Art print GIVEAWAY.

Vi börjar veckan med en kul giveaway! Det hela är mycket enkelt - gå in på Arte Limiteds hemsida och hitta en poster som du gillar. Skriv ner vilken du gillar bäst och varför i kommentarsfältet och vips så är du med och tävlar! Vi lottar ut en vinnare nästa måndag. Glöm inte att ange er mailadress.
Lycka till!

Art Limited är ett konstgalleri i Italien som säljer exklusiva konsttryck, moderna tavlor och fotokonst från svenska och internationella konstnärer. De tycker att samtida konst ska vara tillgänglig för alla människor, därför erbjuder de ett brett utbud av konsttryck till förmånliga priser. All vår konst skapas i begränsade upplagor.

Let's start this week with a fun giveaway from Arte Limited. Just click your way in to Arte Limiteds home page and have a look at the posters. Choose your favourite and let me know why in the comment field and you are in the competition. Don't forget to leave your mail-adress. Good Luck!  

Arte Limited are an art gallery in Italy that sells exclusive art prints, photographs and contemporary art from international artists. They believe that modern art should be accessible to all peopletherefore we offer a wide range of artworks at affordable prices. All art are made in limited editions. 

33 kommentarer:

  1. My favourite: 'a Due Colori I'. Giclée Art Print by Alberto Seveso

  2. Beautiful work! But I really enjoy the cityscape series and especially "Cityscape I" by by Daniel Egnéus. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. Enjoy your week!


  3. I think that my favorite is 'Cirkus Town'. Giclée Art Print by Mikel Nilsson
    But there are so many wonderful ones!

  4. It was really hard to pick just one, but I've settled with 'Temperament III" by Isobel Wood.

    You have a lovely blog!

  5. Hi!
    Love the 'Coffee'. Giclée Art Print by Mikel Nilsson.
    This reminds me of sitting in a café drinking coffee while people watching on a lazy, rainy day.

    Cheers Torhild

  6. Älskar 'Monika'. Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson, hur fin?! Tycker om blandningen av runda och kantiga former! Hade passat perfekt i min nya lägenhet:)

  7. Så många fina svårt att välja bara en. Mitt val faller på Presagio di Primavera av Gianluca Foli. Önskar nog att det var jag på bilden. Varje gång den lilla rödhaken kommer på besök i trädgården väser jag där är rödhaken.



  8. Hello,
    I love this kind of giveaway, and my favourite is 'Multidimensional'. Giclée Art Print by Malin Bergström!!

    Of course i follow every day your blog, beautiful!

  9. Men åh, vilken bra giveaway. Perfekt att fylla väggarna i vårt nya hus ;)
    Jag gillar 'A Secret Shared' av Jennifer Madden bäst!


  10. 'Dream of the deer'. Det var nydelig.

  11. Det är min favorit: http://www.artelimited.com/artists/bo-lundberg/low-giclee-art-print-by-bo-lundberg.html

  12. Vad många fina prints! Bra tips! Min favorit är Gun, av Jonas Bergstrand eftersom den påminner en om den gyllene regeln att man själv måste vilja behandlad på det sätt man behandlar andra, på ett talande (och nästan obehagligt) sätt! Min mail är hannajepp (a) hotmail.com. Ha det så bra /Hanna

  13. hi!
    I have a hard time picking between 'Once upon a midnight dreary' by Daniel Egnéus and 'Wreckless' by Mikel Nilsson. Maybe because they are so different from each other. I think that if I'm the lucky winner, I'll go for 'Wreckless', since I have been eyeing it for quite some time... There are more than one walls in my apartment that would be perfect for it.

    good luck to everyone!
    Maria [marakirocks@hotmail.com]

  14. Hello.
    What a selection. I had a hard time choosing between 'Angelica' by Sonia MariaLuce Possentini and 'Oshirasama by Philip Giordano'Oshirasama'. There is something that appeals to me in both pictures. But I decided to go with the Angelica, it just speaks to me more, I guess.
    Please and thank you :)

  15. Hi, I choose the 'Little Elephant' by Cat Zaza. It would look great in the baby´s room :)

  16. Hi there,

    My personal favorite from the bunch (and it took a lot of editing to cut it down to one) is House by Jonas Bergstrand.
    It reminds me of home, New York City, but also has an international urban "generalness" that could place it anywhere.
    It's whimsical and raw, all at the same time and makes me want to pack a bag and head for somewhere new.

    Heather (heather.r.black@gmail.com)

  17. interesting to read thank you I really liked your article I love your beautiful blog and so enjoy your posts.good job

  18. I love the work by Sonia MariaLuce Possentini and my absolute favourite is 'La Funambola' (no A0701) - it has a twist that makes it almost dreamlike!

  19. OMG I just love this photography ny Filip Herbst! http://www.artelimited.com/photographs/photographers/filip-herbst/photograph-by-filip-herbst.html

  20. These images are very inspiring. If I could choose one, I'd go for "Monika" by Martin Nicolausson. There are 2 reasons: I really like the unobvious irregularity of this solid figure. And having a work of art named exactly the same way as me, would feel as if it has been dedicated to me, made especially for me - what a luxury!

  21. Art prints <3 My favouritee... This is way too difficult. Hmm... My favorite is http://www.artelimited.com/artists/spiros-halaris/unconscious-giclee-art-print-by-spiros-halaris.html

    Interesting mix of water, paint, typography, words, black, white, colours...


  22. 'Bamboo forest' er min favoritt, nydelig farge, spennende figurer. Den hadde blitt et smykke på veggen min i stua.


  23. I fell in love with 'Winter No. V'. Giclée Art Print by Pietari Posti. I love the simplicity and silence about it. There is something calming and soothing and by watching the picture your mind starts to relax.


  24. Don't forget to add your email :) Of course I have. monikamartamazur@gmail.com

  25. "Barcelona" is my favourite.
    For me a dive into the past... as I was a child I used to go around the house in my mother's high hells red shoes! I was so happy to feel like her. I would like to keep the poster as a memorabilia, a memory of her and of my childhood


  26. 'a Due Colori V'. by Alberto Seveso is my favorite. I've had this pic as my desktop picture for quite some time :) So I'll cross my fingers I find it on my walls soon ;)

    Have a nice weekend.

  27. Åh den här 'Stone V'. Giclée Art Print by Martin Nicolausson tycker jag är så fin! Skulle passa perfekt i vårt matrum som aldrig fått tillräckligt med kärlek. Tack flr tipset, nästa gång det saknas nåt på väggarna vet man ju vart det finns finfina grejer!
    Ha en härlig söndag! Kram kram

  28. A0445 Passing through, riktigt skönt motiv och lagom färgglatt för en svartvit person som jag! Har inte sett den sidan förut, fanns ju massor med fint där!

    Fin blogg btw :)


  29. Photograph by David Lundmark with the fantastic YELLOW lips gives me energy. Like a sun. The picture will easily say "Welcome" each and every time I enter my new home. And my new life. Every day.

  30. Hi, I hope I am not too late. I like besten the blue Islands. Greetings Ottilie

  31. I absolutely love the print 'New Future' by Mattias Adolfsson! I love the world in that picture, it is so rich with details and stories. I would love to be able to look at it while laying in my bed and create all the stories about the people in costumes flying around on unicorns, pigs, cows, buffaloes, elephants ahaha :D I think that future isn't bad at all :D
    I am a design student and i love making illustrations and this print would be a great inspiration to look at :) It just makes me smile and wonder away for a while.


    I enjoy reading your blog!
    Have a nice day!


  32. I would pick Angelica. It would look very impressive in the middle of empty wall. Can i win that empty wall too? :)

  33. I love the art print 'beautiful death' by Florian Meacci.
    The woman shows strength and weakness at the same time. I really like that kind of interaction.